Simone Hadebe is an illustrator and graphic designer from Botswana and Zimbabwe.

She is a recent graduate of Skidmore College with a BS in Studio Art, concentrating in Communication Design and Digital Media. Her passions include illustration, animation, editorial design, and cooking channels. When she’s not frantically searching through her 50 tabs to find her email, she spends her days tirelessly documenting the world in her sketchbook. She is passionate about storytelling, often combining her drawings with a written component or just a footnote of her thoughts. Speaking on her thoughts on the future of design, she says this:


“Much like fashion, I believe that design is in a cycle of innovation. With emerging technology, certain design aspects are easier to achieve yet we still use old elements such as retro font and Art Deco, in our creations. Even though most of our processes are digital, we still look to the old processes of design as inspiration for how we can further develop the industry.”


This interviewer thinks that she’s just spouting some private school hogwash, but time will tell if she dusts off a typewriter to achieve that desired “aesthetic”.


She hopes that her work in some way impacts you and leaves you whole.